Legacy Dance Production - Promotional Advertisting

Legacy dance is a dance studio like no other. It is such an amazing outlet for young creatives from all different walks of life to share their love of dance.

At the end of each year, the Legacy Dance studio is always electric with energy as the end of year show approaches.  It is of absolute credit to the studio and creative director of Legacy Dance to be able to deliver such a high caliber production locally for our kids. It really is a celebration of the hard work and achievements these dancers and teachers have accomplished over the year.

For a few years now I have been honoured to be involved in the creative process of bringing together the visual theme for the show in terms of branding.

This year's show 'Zion' was inspired by Aoteroa - its music and Maori artists. Such a beautiful theme to capture. I worked closely with Legacy's creative director to put his vision into reality. A theme of such personal significance for him, I knew I had to nail this. Together along with the amazing photography created by Luke Marshall Photography and Ruth Holly Photography we worked to create some extremely strong designs to promote the "Zion" production. 

Such a stunning piece of photography. I added some photoshop wizardry into this, layering in the smoke effects and maori design.

The "Zion" 28pp show programme which also serves as a "year book" for the dancers. With a "photo-montage" centre-spread that they can pull out and use as a poster if they choose. Something they can hold onto and look back at over the years. 

Social media promotional advertisements.

Zion "logo" and t-shirt design. So neat to see the children bring these alive.

Congratulations Legacy Dance you really know and understand the importance of great visual branding. Thank you for allowing me to work with you. It's always an absolute pleasure.

To learn more about this amazing dance studio based in Nelson visit www.legacydance.co.nz