Country Trading Co.

Country Trading Co. is an absolute gem, probably the most authentic company I have ever worked with. Their brand is passionate about creating products that enable people to achieve healthy, sustainable, and self-reliant ways of living.

Founded in 2008 by passionate foodie and gardener, Heather Cole, the Country Trading Co. range grew (literally) from the things she needed to live a natural, self-reliant life making cheese, fermenting, preserving and, growing food. Check out their amazing range of products here www.countrytrading.co

Country Trading products are carefully researched and tested in real gardens and kitchens to ensure they pass the “use it every day” test. Packaging is designed without plastic, and they take pride in the quality of the recipes and instructions they offer.

I've been working with Country Trading Co. for about a year now. When I came aboard I was pleased to see the existing branding and marketing that the team were already producing was very top-notch. Beautiful photography and consistency of brand were very apparent. So really my main job was to respect this work and continue it on. I've worked closely with Country Tradings founder on a range of packaging projects and enhanced brand content for online marketing. It's exciting to see the visual progression of the website as the range of products all move into a more modern design that works well both on the shelf as well as captures the consumer eye amongst a very competitive online market.

Thank you Country Trading Co. team for making my job easier by always providing absolutely amazing photography and for staying true to your roots in everything you do. It makes working with you incredibly enjoyable. 

Below are some of the packaging designs I worked on.